snow labyrinth

NEW: Tranquility Snow Labyrinth

A meditation labyrinth is a spiral walking path. Typically created outdoors, it can be made out of grasses, stone, or herbs among other natural things. The Ely Winter Festival Snow Labyrinth created by Tranquility Wellness Center owner, Jaime Brennan, and volunteers, as you might guess, this time of year is made out of snow. It […]

Ice Bar

Winton Roadhouse has again created a beautiful ice bar featuring the most unusual way to get a freezing cold shot, its Ice Luge.  Like the Olympic event, it involves an frozen path.  You pour, say, a Butterscotch Schnapps (author’s favorite) in at the top of the block and hold your glass at the bottom to […]

Northwoods Medallion Hunt

The third annual Ely Northwoods Medallion Hunt will run from Thursday, February 7 to Sunday, February 17, 2019 as part of the Ely Winter Festival activities.  This is an annual event with a different Northwoods theme each year. There will be a total of ten clues released each day starting February 7 to lead hunters to the […]

Ice Rink

Once again, we have a lovely ice rink in Whiteside Park, sponsored by Ely Flower & Seed (they fix all the damage to the lawn).

Event Application

Event Application Is your organization interested in sponsoring an event during the Ely Winter Festival? In order to prevent duplicate types of events from occurring on the same dates and times, so that people have the opportunity to attend as many events as they would like, and to prevent errors in our brochure, on our [...]

Apply to be a Snow Carver

Amateur or Professional, there’s a spot for you.  Are you a sculptor?  Even if snow is not your medium, you are invited to join the “professional” sculptors that make the Ely Winter Festival Snow Sculpting Symposium so magnificent.  We are expanding our Snowcarving Symposium and you are invited to apply for a spot!  If you […]

What Does It Take to Put on a Festival?

Do you love the Ely Winter Festival?  Do you have skills in any of the areas listed below that you would like to contribute?  The Festival needs your brain power and a few of your hours! As the saying goes, “many hands make light work.”  Please contact us if you are interested in playing.  We’re a […]

Kubb tournament

What the heck is KUBB?

Dave Wigdahl, our local Kubb guru, describes it as Swedish lawn-bowling that has been modified for play on snow. It’s also sometimes called Viking chess, presumably without the bloodshed and horned helmets. There is quite a lot of tossing about of various carved pieces of wood that represent a king and other chess-like characters in […]

Resorts and EWF Article

Resorts and EWF Article

The travel blog Resorts and Lodges have done a great article about the Ely Winter Festival.  Click below to read it! Read the article about the Ely Winter Festival at