Artist Information

This information is about the “professional” Snow Sculpting Symposium.  If you are interested in the Amateur Snow Carving Contest, please click here.

This event is a Symposium, NOT a competition, so no prizes are given. This encourages the artists to be open with their work and fosters camaraderie between teams.  The symposium is an art exhibition of snow sculptures primarily within the confines of Whiteside Park in Ely. (We occasionally have a few sculptures in other locations.)  The symposium is intended to be an interactive event so viewers can walk through the park and observe artists creating the sculptures. Each sculpture is created by a team of artists lead by a team leader.


Each team is required to apply each year regardless of past attendance. The application is simply a way to maintain professionalism in the symposium and help EWF staff make preparations in advance.  Please note that you will need resumes for each team member and photos of past works ready to upload when you fill out the form. Click here to apply.

Expectations for each team

Each team is expected to create their sculpture within the specified dates. There is no restriction on what time of day the artists choose to work but it is encouraged that teams work during times when spectators are in the park. The busiest time of the event is usually Friday afternoon through Sunday. Teams are also expected to complete their work by the end of the day on Saturday so visitors can view completed work on Sunday before the weekend is over. However, our past experience is that some teams may need some extra time to add finishing touches to their sculpture on Sunday.


Artists may use any non-motorized tools hand tools needed to complete their sculpture. Many artists make their own special tools just for this event.


Many artists bring quite a bit of equipment with them and are allowed to drive into the park to unload their equipment as long as they are respectful to others. Vehicles may be left on site on Thursday and Friday morning but must be parked outside the park staring at Noon on Friday. Artists may still drive in to unload after that time but must immediately exit the park once unloaded.


This is a non-profit event and a majority of the funds for this event come from grants and fundraising. We do realize that it is expensive for artists to travel to Ely so we provide the following compensation:

  • Meals
  • Housing
  • Some gas mileage