2012 Pin


The 2012 pin, designed by long-time snow sculptor, Leo Melamud, depicts the Hegman Pictographs. Brass metal base.


2012 Ely Winter Festival pinThe 2012 pin, designed by one of our snow sculptors, Leo Melamud, is a one-of-a-kind collectible, made of cloissonne enamels, with vivid coloring on bronze metal with a stud clasp.  The design is based on the Hegman Lake pictographs with some modern pictographs along the left side depicting different Festival activities.

This year’s pin comes in one size, about 1½” across with no enamel coating.

The pin gets you into many of the Ely Winter Festival events, some with a discount, and, most of all, shows your support. The beautiful pins are collectors items and many supporters do collect the pins over the years.

2012 Ely Winter Festival Pin $5.00 (plus shipping)