Be a Sponsor

It takes a lot to put on a festival: lots of people, lots of energy, and, yes, lots of MONEY! That’s why we need your help. Anyone can be an Ely Winter Festival Sponsor: a business, an organization, an individual, a family. You don’t even have to reside in Ely!

As a private person, you can make a donation in any amount. Just click the Donate button on the left and designate the amount you’d like to give. We will list your name on our sponsor web page and in our brochure (if donated before print deadline).

If you are a business, we welcome your help and will publicize your business on the Sponsors page of our web site. The minimum $75 donation will get a link to your website.

You may pay for your sponsorship by check. If you have sponsored the Festival in past years, we probably have your logo. We will contact you if we need a logo, which we would appreciate if you could send via email.

To become a sponsor, you can